Partnering with Inspired


Inspired partners with select individuals and organisations to extend our reach and grow our impact and community. We seek partners of high integrity and capability for mutually beneficial, long term collaboration. 

We are currently seeking partners in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australasia and North America


Your can read about our different types of partner below:
Associates | Training Resellers | Tool Services Resellers | Faculty




An Inspired Associate is someone with integrity, experience and a strong customer focus. You might have your own small business or operate as a senior freelance consultant or contractor in the business architecture / enterprise architecture / information systems space. 

Inspired Associates benefit from their association with Inspired in the following ways:

  • Access to Inspired’s extensive I.P. built over thirty years. This includes:

    • World class courses in business architecture, enterprise architecture, system delivery techniques, application architecture and information architecture and data modelling

    • Advanced methods/frameworks and models for business architecture, enterprise architecture, process work, data modelling and management and project management

  • Access to advanced tools and meta models that supporting work and collaboration in the above

  • Referrals of client work appropriate to your skill sets and experience

  • Mentorship and quality assurance working alongside Inspired’s highly experienced and professional core team

  • Commission on work that you source and which is better undertaken by, or supported by other Inspired resources

  • Commission on sale of our Software as a Service (SaaS) tool (Enterprise Value Architect) where you refer customers who subscribe to this service

  • Infrastructure to support proposal drafting, billing and collection

  • Access to our library of books, documents, electronic sources, models and templates

In return you would:

  • Collaborate with us on the evolution of our techniques, tools and methods

  • Promote our services, training and tools where suitable to your clients and network

  • Assist us with capacity when needed and your profile is appropriate



Resellers are organisations with a strong customer service focus, high business ethics and a client base that can benefit from our offerings. 

There are two types of reseller: Training and Tool Services. A reseller may act in both roles if appropriate. 


Training Resellers 

Training resellers may offer our training services to their marketplace. For any bookings which result from their introductions, we pay a commission. 

Training resellers do not carry quotas and do not have exclusive territories. 

Benefits for Training Resellers include:

  • Published schedules, website, brochureware, price lists and other collateral

  • We take care of everything from the booking request onwards. This includes course development, preparation of materials, presentation, certification (where appropriate) and all other delivery related activities

  • We handle billing and collection and pass on the commission at the end of the month in which we receive payment from the client

  • Substantial discounts on your own attendance on any of our courses


Tool Services Resellers

Tool resellers introduce prospects with a need for enterprise modelling and knowledge management, such as provided by our Enterprise Value Architect (EVA).

EVA is suitable for application in support of:

  • Enterprise Architecture

    • Business Architecture

    • Application Architecture

    • Information Architecture

    • Technology/Infrastructure Architecture

    • Security Architecture

  • Programme Management

  • Application Portfolio Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Requirements Management

Tool Resellers do not carry a quota or have exclusive territories. 

Benefits for Tool Resellers include:

  • We handle demonstrations, contracting, setup and support from there on

  • We pay a commission for as long as the client uses the service

  • In this way, a reseller can build up an annuity income

  • Substantial discounts on your own use of the EVA service


Reseller Training

All resellers must undergo a minimum amount of training as specified by Inspired. This will normally involve the following (subject to change)

  • Training reseller - 1.5 days of live training which includes:
    • Curriculum structure
    • Course offerings
    • Schedule and Pricing
    • Booking Procedures
    • Invoicing and commissions
  • Tool Services reseller - 2 days of live training which includes:
    • EVA Capabilities and Applications
    • EVA Customisation Capabilities
    • EVA Licensing model
    • EVA Service Setup and Configuration
    • EVA Support
    • Contract, Collections and Commissions


Faculty partners are individuals with high levels of expertise in relevant subjects (e.g. Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Information Architecture, Programme Management, Data Modelling and Management, etc. ) AND who are great teachers / facilitators as well.

Faculty members assist us in delivering training and coaching. They need to have high levels of ethics and enjoy imparting information and competence. Often they are also senior consultants in their own right.

Faculty members benefit from their association with Inspired in the following ways:

  • Complimentary attendance on relevant training

  • Coaching from our expert instructors to bring them fully up to speed

  • Teaching opportunities where we provide the online platform, the course design, the materials and the student cohort

  • Generous fees for reasonable preparation and presentation time

  • Where appropriate, support with certification or accreditation

Really senior faculty members (read industry gurus / thought leaders / doyens) help us develop programmes and materials and participate in design of certification and examinations and their validation as external examiners. They would be rewarded for this activity by mutual agreement.


Become a Partner

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