Rapid implementation of TOGAF®, the most widely accepted EA method based upon recognised standards

TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

Enterprise Value Architect (EVA) is Inspired's Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud offering which includes a flexible and extensible repository, comprehensive web-based interfaces and a desktop graphical modelling tool. It is used in support of Enterprise Architecture (Business, Process, Application, Information, Technology, Solution & Risk Architecture) and other applications including Programme Management, Requirements Management, Portfolio Management and Maturity Assessment.

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EVA has been TOGAF® certified, providing rich support for the Architecture Development Method, reference models and viewpoints. The TOGAF® Applied Solution will help you reduce the administrative burdens associated with preparing catalogues, matrices and models, managing content changes, checking quality and sharing information.  Reducing the TOGAF® administrative burden helps you to focus more on delivering the business and systems changes that make a real difference to all your stakeholders.

TOGAF® at your Fingertips

ADM Lifecycle used as a navigation aid to method

Fundamental TOGAF® constructs, such as the Architecture Development Method (ADM), Enterprise Continuum, Technical Reference Model (TRM) and Standards Information Base (SIB), are included in the EVA knowledge repository. Graphical representations of these frameworks help users navigate, locate and drill-down to access relevant content.  By linking your own EA information (such as Applications, Data Components, Processes and Business Units) to these TOGAF® frameworks, EVA helps users link theory to real world practice.   All of which means TOGAF® can indeed be, at your fingertips!

Catalogues, Matrices, Diagrams - UNIFORM AND CONSISTENT

The benefit of having uniform and consistent deliverables is that it becomes possible for various architecture descriptions, even those developed by different people at different times, to be compared, merged and integrated both within and across domains (e.g. business, data, application, technology), as well as line of business areas and geographies. The EVA Applied Solution facilitates uniformity and consistency by providing pre-configured templates and model-type definitions for the core set of information definitions, matrices and diagrams as specified in TOGAF®.

Powerful analysis and sharing

A major value gained from using tooling in support of TOGAF® lies in your enhanced ability to analyse information, and to use insights gained to improve recommendations and plans. EVA outshines competitor offerings in these areas, courtesy of the flexible meta-model, powerful analytical, reporting and visualization features, and search capabilities provided. It supports TOGAF® through predefined goal-specific reports and visually rich custom views. EVA also allows you to define and manage tailor made reports and views, or export to csv for further analysis in external tools. EVA has capabilities to define calculated properties, allowing summation, averaging, statistical analysis, calculation of scores and durations.