Software Base Licenses

from US $100 per month* per named user

Software as a Service option

Using EVA Netmodeler’s cloud-based deployment (Software as a Service) option means you don’t need to worry about configuring tools, system administration and maintenance, updates, security or technical infrastructure.

We bundle setup costs and support, so there is one simple monthly charge. 

Graphical Modelling is done via a cross-platform desktop application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.


If you prefer, or are legally obliged to, you can host EVA Netmodeler on your own in-house server. In this case you need only commodity infrastructure (including web server, operating system and database).

The license includes

Full Platform Capability, including Web Front-ends, Standard Views and Graphical Modeller

Free Admin User Account

10 Read Only Users

Product Support - Only Installation and Errors, Not Usage

Online Documentation


Daily Backups at Repository / Directory Level

Security Certificate



Applied Solutions (optional)

Applied Solutions jump-start and accelerate value delivery from your modelling, analysis and knowledge management initiatives. Rather than starting from scratch, you have the option to acquire pre-configured solutions.


US $ 2000



inspired! Enterprise Architecture

US $ 4000


Business Architecture

US $ 2000


inspired! Application Architecture

US $ 2000


Professional Services (optional)

Help is available to get your Modelling, Analysis and Knowledge Management initiatives underway.

Please enquire about rates and availability of seasoned professionals from Inspired to provide support in the following areas:

  • Meta Model Design
  • Data Import/ Export
  • Model Type and Notation Design
  • Custom View Development 
  • System Integration 

Training (OPTIONAL)

Training courses are available to assist with basic use, modelling, meta modelling and notation design, system and user administration and advanced topics such as API development and integration. 

A copy of the Software License Agreement is available on request. Software Base Licenses are provided for a minimum period of three months.