Inspired Applied Solution for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Value Architect (EVA) is Inspired's Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud offering which includes a flexible and extensible repository, comprehensive web-based interfaces and a desktop graphical modelling tool. It is used in support of Enterprise Architecture (Business, Process, Application, Information, Technology, Solution & Risk Architecture) and other applications including Programme Management, Requirements Management, Portfolio Management and Maturity Assessment.

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Enterprise Architecture

Inspired has a wealth of experience in Enterprise Architecture, based on a track record of consulting, training and tool implementation for clients spanning many industries and geographical locations since 1991. We understand that Enterprise Architecture is a powerful means to an end, i.e. to deliver desirable business change. The Inspired EA framework, meta model and methods build upon the best parts of industry frameworks and standards, to add rigour while accelerating efforts to set a technology strategy and to develop a change journey map and delivery plans across domains and business areas. It also facilitates alignment with Enterprise Architects' allies from areas such as Strategic Planning, Programme Management, Systems Delivery, Support and Infrastructure, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Change Management.

Make the Right Connections

Architecture work generates a great deal of interlinked information. Standard office productivity tools have proven to be inappropriate for architecture, as they do not provide naming standards, semantic checking or versioning.  In addition, information sharing is difficult; also search and maintenance are problematic. EVA Netmodeler solves these problems by providing a strong, secure repository with a flexible meta-model, helping you to capture, maintain, analyse, visualise and share information.

Rich and Flexible Modeling

Graphical Modeler provides a rich and flexible environment, allowing Enterprise Architects to capture, edit, link and view information and data items.

A variety of Enterprise Architecture diagram types are supported out-of-the-box and new types and notations can be added as required.

Because all modelled content is integrated with the knowledge repository, it provides a consolidated information source for analyses, reports and alternative visualisations.

Gain new Insight through Powerful Reports and Visualisation

Seeing your information assembled and presented in various visual formats could highlight relationships,  dependencies and trends that might otherwise be overlooked. The Enterprise Architecture applied solution provides a predefined set of Reports and Custom Views. In addition, based on user access profiles, you may use the out-of-the-box tools to tailor-make your own reports and views (without programming). Available visualisation techniques include (but are not limited to) Bubble Charts, Dendograms, Gap Analysis, Milestone Reports, Radial Charts (Kiviat Diagrams), Table Matrices, Three Concept Types Matrices, Tree Hierarchy Reports, or Tree (Pack) Map Reports.