Organisations thriving in today's world are design driven: they embrace design thinking at their core, including:

  • How they market and engage with customers

  • How they create value beyond the physical product or obvious service

  • How they build an emotional connection that inspires loyalty and delight

  • How they leverage assets that they don't own and community collaboration

We would love to help you embrace these ideas and apply them for your success.

We have in-depth expertise in the following disciplines

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We assist clients to use Innovation, Design Thinking, Enterprise & Business Architecture and Programme Management techniques to plan and deliver Digital Transformation in a structured way. We are adept in helping to build a shared vision of the end state and developing change plans that permit concurrent delivery of foundational building blocks and client value adding components in small, regular increments.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation
  • Design Driven Thinking

  • Customer Experience Design

  • Platform Architecture

I.T. and Business STrategy

IT and Business Strategy
  • Holistic Planning System (HOPS)

  • I.T. to Business Alignment

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
  • EA Methods, Frameworks, Techniques and Tools

  • Inspired EA Frameworks, Meta Model and Method

  • TOGAF 9 and other approaches (e.g. DODAF, FEAF, PEAF, IAF, Zachman, Gartner/Meta)

  • Enterprise Business Architecture

  • Application and Solution Architecture

  • Data, Information and Knowledge Architecture

  • Technology Architecture


Business Analysis
  • Our own Business Process Architecture and Modeling Approach

  • BPMN

  • Defining Requirements, RFI, RFP, Solution Evaluation

  • Extensive range of modelling approaches, including:

    • Value Mapping

    • Goal, Function, Process, Service, Capability Modelling

    • Channel Architecture

    • Product Architecture

Data Modeling
  • Data Modeling (Entity Relationship, Relational, Object, Conceptual, Domain, Semantic techniques)

  • Implementing Information Management

  • Meta Modeling, Meta Data Modeling and Implementation

  • Structuring knowledge to support knowledge workers

Programme and Project Management

Project Management
  • Managing Information Technology Projects (MITP)

  • Agile Project Management (Inspired method) including advanced techniques such as Critical Chain

Systems Delivery

Systems Delivery
  • Advanced Systems Delivery (Inspired integrated method)

  • UML with enhancements where necessary

  • System Integration

  • RFP/RFI and Requirements Definition/Managemen

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing
  • For Architecture, Projects and Solutions

  • Quality Management using prevention philosophies

Methods Engineering

Methods Engineering

Selecting, adapting, defining, implementing and improving methods for strategy, planning, EA, project and programme management, system delivery, testing etc.

Capability Development

Capability Development
  • Profiling required skills

  • Assessing staff competency and designing enhancement programmes

  • Service oriented organisation design