Semantic Web Technologies Workshop

Semantic Web Technologies

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Duration 3 days

Brief Description
A three day hands on exposure to the concepts of semantic technologies, semantic web (Web 3.0), semantic modeling, applications using semantic technologies, semantic query and data store tools.

What Differentiates this Course?
A quick and comprehensive overview and hands on exposure to some of the most significant technologies shaping the future of the web, applications and business. This information is typically not collected together elsewhere or generally known. Presented by practitioners who have engaged in semantic thinking for many years and who are exploiting these technologies for the next generation of their own products. 

Intended Audience
Typical candidates include analysts, designers, architects and developers of plans, architectures, content and applications for the web in the organization. In short, anyone who will shape your organization’s response to and presence in the future web. 

Course Overview
A workshop where delegates will be immersed in the concepts of semantic technologies, the semantic web and applications exploiting them. Delegates will work in small teams to get hands on with:

  • Semantic concepts and small semantic models
  • Taxonomies and ontologies
  • Languages for semantic modeling (RDF, OWL and their variants)
  • Technology for storing semantic information
  • Queries across semantic data stores
  • Commonly used ontologies
  • Sources of open linked data
  • Applications using semantic and semantic web technologies

Typical Coverage

  • Semantic concepts (subject, predicate, object; triples; graphs)
  • Resource Description Framework (RDF)
    • RDF Vocabulary Description / Schema (RDF-s)
    • RDF Plus
    • RDF Serialisation
  • Web Ontology Language (OWL) and its variants
  • Inferencing
  • Triple Stores
  • SPARQL Query Language
  • Commonly Used Ontologies (e.g. SKOS, FOAF)
  • Key vendors and products
  • Semantic Markup in Content (e.g. Mircroformats, RDFa)
  • Key Semantic Standards and Players
  • Sources of Open Linked Data


Programming the Semantic Web

Provided Materials
Delegates will be provided with high quality notes and links to media and references to pursue further investigation. An electronic copy of the book: Programming the Semantic Web by By Toby Segaran, Colin Evans, Jamie Taylor will be provided. 

Location, Costs and Dates
This course is offered in the UK, Germany and South Africa. It may be extended to other locations in future. Please see schedule for dates, locations and price in local currency.