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Platform and Applied Solutions for Modelling, Analysis,
Knowledge Management and Reporting

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Solutions for Enterprise Architecture

We have packaged the learnings from our research and development, consulting and training efforts, conducted over decades, into easy to use, off-the-shelf solutions for Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Application and Solution Architects, as well as Application Portfolio Managers. 

Versatility and FLEXIBILITY To meet all your Modeling and Knowledge Management Needs

The richness of functionality and features of the platform mean there is an unlimited number of usage areas. These include knowledge management solutions in support of Strategic Planning, Business and Systems Analysis, Requirements Management, Programme Management, Methods Engineering, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), to name but a few.

EVA makes it very easy to gather and collate information.  You can use a number of methods including Web Forms, Graphically using our Graphical Modeller capability, or Bulk importation such as  spreadsheets (CSV format) or XML files.

A variety of diagram types are supported out of the box, including Archimate and BPMN. Any new or additional notations can be added as required using bitmapped graphics or vector symbols.

Gain valuable insight by seeing your information assembled and presented in various visual formats, also highlighting relationships and dependencies that might otherwise be overlooked.

All our Applied Solutions include a comprehensive meta-model which means they can be used out-of-the-box. Meta-model concepts, properties and relationships can be added or amended, without any programming or systems downtime with changes being immediately available to the user community.

User-defined reports are quickly and easily created, greatly enhancing the value of the knowledge gathered.
Portals provide for information  sharing with various stakeholder communities. Free-standing websites can be quickly and easily generated from the repository.

EVA Netmodeler is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We look after the technology and security infrastructure, as well as installation, maintenance and support. Your information is accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world, through your laptop, tablet or smartphone.