We assist organisations to envision desirable futures and realise them through exploiting possibilities of human and technology potential 


We enable desirable change, to assist organisations and individuals to reach their potential. We do this through identifying the possible, envisioning desirable futures, creating sound strategy and supporting architecture, and facilitating the successful execution of the change programmes. 


We provide thought leadership, consulting assistance, training, mentorship, quality assurance and collaborative tools to support these activities. 

Track Record

Since 1991, Inspired has assisted over 70 major corporates and government organisations, across four continents, to achieve their goals.

We have trained several thousand professionals (including certification of several hundred). 

We created tools that are amongst the most flexible and comprehensive collaborative modelling offerings available, while remaining relatively affordable and quickly accessible. 

What We've Achieved

  • Implemented Enterprise Architecture practices at major corporates, including assurance, banking, retail, computer suppliers, telecomms, media companies and in government
  • Introduced leading practices in business architecture and the integration of strategy and enterprise architecture
  • Helped organisations do digital disruption, rather than being victims
  • Integrated enterprise architecture with portfolio management and programme management
  • Developed very efficient and effective ways of doing process architecture before expending effort on detailed process modelling and reengineering
  • Developed advanced meta models spanning strategy, operating models, all enterprise architecture domains, programme management and portfolio management
  • Created advanced collaborative cloud based tooling that is more flexible and affordable than competitors
  • Authored and implemented advanced system delivery methods 
  • Pioneered advanced I.T. project management techniques including agile approaches and critical chain
  • Authored several books and many thought leadership articles and academic papers
  • Introduced polymetric modeling to business architecture models