Data, Information and Knowledge Services

Organisations are increasingly dependent upon Data, Information, Knowledge and its successful use to survive and to remain competitive. At the same time there are increasing demands to meet security, privacy and governance constraints.

Training and Capability Development

We have an automated Data Maturity Assessment service which can rapidly assist in identifying your current data capabilities and highlighting areas that may need attention. The tool leverages our EVA Platform and a Data Maturity Model to provide an online questionnaire, immediate scoring, recommendations and suggested priorities, relative effort and an opportunity to generate an improvement plan.

We offer several courses which are relevant, including:

In addition, we consult on the establishment of Data Management Practices and Information Architecture Capability.

Data Modelling

We are experts in data modelling with a history stretching back more than thirty years, but constantly engaging with the latest technology. We can assist with techniques, skills and capacity to model or perform audits on:

  • Conceptual / Domain models relevant to Business and Enterprise Architecture

  • Logical Models relevant to Business Subject Areas / Lines of Business and Requirements

  • Physical Data Models suitable for implementation or integration in a range of technologies, including:

    • Relational Database

    • Document Database

    • Graph Database

    • Semantic Stores

    • Analytics Stores

    • In-Memory Stores

  • Meta Data Modelling

  • Industry Reference Models. We have worked with these in:

    • Telecommunications (e.g. SID)

    • Assurance / Insurance (e.g. IAA)

    • Banking and Finance (e.g. BASEL, BIAN)

    • Retail (e.g. ARTS)

    • Petrochemicals (e.g. PPDM)

    • Service / Utility (e.g. Bridge/CIM)

Data Modelling Tools Selection, Implementation, Integration

Our experience and extensive tools exposure allows us to advise on the suitability of tools for various purposes, as well as how tools may be integrated where required.

We are familiar with a variety of integration formats and technologies, including:

  • SQL

  • RDF

  • CSV

  • XML

  • XMI

  • JSON

  • Web Services (WSDL, UDDI, SOAP)


  • REST

Security and Privacy

We can assist with the implementation of principles, policy, models, infrastructure and skills to achieve high levels of Data Security, Privacy and Legal Compliance. These may require conformance to:

  • GDPR

  • POPI


We can help you define and actualise Data and Information Principles, Policy and related Processes.

Information Infrastructure

We can assist with architecture for and planning of relevant supporting infrastructure for the management and exploitation of Data, Information, Knowledge and Content. This may include:

  • Defining requirements to support business needs and industry compliance

  • Identifying components in the infrastructure and standards to which they should comply

  • Assessing options for the various tools and infrastructure elements

  • Planning migration and implementation

Analytics and Exploitation

We are not specialists in Data Analytics or Data Science, but have partners in our network who can assist with these aspects.

Knowledge Management

We have a long history (20 years plus) and deep skills building, configuring and implementing Catalogues, Meta Data Repositories  and Knowledge Bases.

Content Architecture

Today’s enterprise is by default a publisher. Information is distributed, willingly or otherwise, through publications, reports, correspondence, eMail, portals, apps, websites, blogs, tweets and social media. Getting a handle on this can be complex and challenging. We can assist with a Content Architecture and related principles, policies and procedures.