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Duration 3 days

Brief Description

The course is designed for Business and I.T. Strategists, Enterprise Architects, Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers, Business and Systems Analysts, who work with diverse groups of people and need to actively involve participants in processes such as planning and prioritisation, decision-making, business design, joint application design or development, in a manner that achieves results quickly and ensures high commitment from the parties involved.

What Differentiates this Course?

Skills obtained through this course can be used at all levels, from the most strategic direction setting to addressing detailed operational issues. It teaches facilitators to harness all available resources and sources of innovation in a constructive way, so that parties have a sense of ownership of the outcome.

Intended Audience

Typical candidates include enterprise architects, senior business analysts, strategists and potentially programme, project and portfolio managers.

Course Overview

The course is run over three intensive full-time days. Between each session, participants will be expected to complete about an hour of assignment work, sometimes in teams. The in-class sessions use lectures, facilitated sessions, individual and team assignments and presentations as well as demonstrations to convey the topics in an enjoyable, challenging and memorable way.

Typical Coverage

This course combines traditional JAD skills with the latest object oriented modeling techniques, use of CASE in conjunction with JAD,  personality profiling, and creative thinking. It provides a forum for receiving instruction, observing, preparing and participating in, as well as personally running JAD sessions. 

Location, Costs and Dates

This course is offered in the UK, Germany and South Africa. It may be extended to other locations in future. Please see schedule for dates, locations and price in local currency.