Business Architecture Mastery Programme Kicks Off

We are about to start our next Business Architecture Mastery Programme this Thursday (26th). It runs for 16 weeks until 11th May. We have an excellent cohort and it promises to be another great experience.

This time round we have added new material on how AI and related topics will impact business plans and architectures, as well as how to use Wardley maps to leverage the projected lifecycle of technologies in our forward planning.

Some comments from the delegates:

“Business Architecture is a lot more than just identifying capabilities and modelling. I really appreciated how it brought a wide breadth and depth of concepts together that illustrated what Business Architecture actually entails and what impact it has.”

“Very comprehensive set of techniques and best practices, one of the main benefits was drawing on [Graham's] wealth of experience and wisdom and really learning from the examples presented.”

“[The programme] has given an overarching view of all of the different elements that need to be set up as the organisation is growing and expanding... what are these elements that we need to put in place and consider if we want to grow in a very healthy way.”

“I also think that your course is very well-structured and it leads you over different aspects of the business architecture work and it was a pleasure for me. And thank you and all of the others attending the course, thank you.”

“So as key takeouts I will take these tools that you’ve not only presented to us but managed to teach us how to use them because most of the courses only present the tools and don’t give the chance to implement these tools and find a way to use them in your daily work.”

We believe this programme is the most comprehensive yet practical available. This was borne out by very positive comments from some very seasoned attendees who still derived major value and gained new insights. It runs over 16 weeks with a half day live session each week.

For full details please see the course page.

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