Want to become a Business Architect?


If you want a rapid but comprehensive course to transform you into a competent Business Architect, please read on.

Our Techniques and Deliverables of Business Architecture 5 day online live intensive course is coming up soon: 14 - 18th March 2022.

We introduced this course in 2011 and it has run to great acclaim since, training over 170 successful architects. It has been revised regularly and encapsulates leading practice. During the pandemic we have fully transformed it to run well in a remote interactive mode.

The course stresses the design of the future business enabled by technology and cognisant of all the forces shaping society, business, industry and enabled by data, digital and technology. It goes well beyond what is covered in other EA and Business Architecture methods, specifically in considering the context a business operates in and strategic factors as well as innovative product and and operating models exploiting digital opportunities.

If you are an Enterprise Architect wanting detailed techniques to meaningfully tackle business architecture, this course is ideal. It is also very suitable for senior Business Analysts transforming into an architect role. CIOs, Programme Managers and Business Strategists also benefit.

If you have previously certified in TOGAF or even the Business Architecture Guild offerings, this course still offers great value and new perspectives. The techniques have been honed by Inspired in over twenty years of consulting, training, methods development, modelling and tools implementation. A coherent and comprehensive meta model unifies techniques and integrates models, ensuring high integrity.
The course is highly interactive, hands on and leverages a challenging real world case study to reinforce learning.

The time slots are suitable for Europe, Africa and Middle East. If you fall outside these zones but are keen, please let us know. We plan to schedule a course for other time zones in the near future.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
— Alan Kay